Head Rest Pillows

Head Rest Pillows for Patio Chairs and Chaises

Find a stylish and comfortable head rest pillow for your patio chaise lounges or chairs. Our head rest pillows are designed to fit any kind of outdoor patio furniture. The head rest pillows with velcro straps that attach around the back can be added to chaise lounges or chairs with cushions or on teak or wood furniture. They also work on sling style furniture too. Choose from a half round heat rest pillow or a traditional pillow shape. Both have straps to attach to the back of the furniture.

The second style of head rest pillows has velcro straps that go over the top of the chair or chaise frame and attach to the bar at the back of the furniture. This style works well for sling furniture. Head Rest Pillows are suiteable for outdoor use and made from a variety of fabrics including, Sunbrella, Sling Fabrics and Printed Polyester. Head rest pillows can be embroidered for your property, hotel or country club. Please call to inquire about custom embroidery.



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Head Rest Pillow Sunbrella Fabric

Head Rest pillow for outdoor patio chaise lounges. This pillow is 20" in width, and 6"in depth. Fits most chaise lounges. Includes Velcro straps that attach at the back to keep the pillow in place and support your head and neck.
$69.00 $49.00

Head Rest Pillow Sling Fabric

Our head rest pillow made of patio sling fabrics is a great way to add comfort and support when you are relaxing by the pool on your chaise lounge. Made of durable patio sling fabrics, the head rest pillow had Velcro straps that attach at the back.
$69.00 $49.00

Head Rest - Sunbrella Fabric

This head rest pillow is styled like a traditional pillow shape and has generous fabric straps with Velcro to attached the pillow to the back of the chair or chaise lounge.

Lumbar Pillow - Sunbrella

Lumbar Pillow that is 14" x 20" in Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics. Perfect size to add to a patio chaise lounge to support the low back and add a pop of outdoor color.
$49.00 $39.00

Lumbar Pillow-Sling

Sling Fabric Lumbar Pillow 14" x 20" knife edge with outdoor loose fiber. Perfect for added back support on a chair or patio sling chaise lounge.
$49.00 $39.00